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How Your Donations Help

Your faithful donation is a vital source for supporting the development and operations of 3 Strands Ranch & Retreat.  They will provide the resources needed to complete the projects listed below.


   Please check back for updates on how the projects are progressing and to see how your contributions are being used to fulfill God's plans and purpose at 3 Strands Ranch & Retreat for His glory.    


In June 2021, the property for 3 Strands Ranch & Retreat was purchased in Lakeside, MT.  There was plenty to do to break ground and prepare the way for different projects. Thanks be to God and with all of the generous giving these initial land preparations were completed in 2022:

- Completed environmental study,

- Completed topographic survey,

- Completed master site plan by 100-Fold Architects,

- Septic approval,

- Successfully dug well,

- Installed electric set-ups,

- Laid down gravel on access roads,

- Purchased equipment to prepare and maintain the land.

In 2023, there are more projects that are being planned for and will need support, which will involve the following:

- Installing a septic system,

- Adding infrastructure for future cabins,

- Preparing for growing crops and livestock,

- Purchasing a sawmill.

With all that has been accomplished so far, please be praying over the 3SRR team and the continued success of this ministry.  

211105_Drone-45 - View North.jpg


This project entails taking the architectural designs to a builder to begin the construction of the family cabins for 3 Strands Ranch & Retreat.  These accommodations will one day serve the many families, couples and individuals who will come out to stay and feel restored.  Your generous donation to 3SRR will help start and complete the construction project.


With your donation and financial support, you are partnering with 3SRR to help bring 3 Strands Ranch & Retreat to life.  

Calves in Nature


The 3SRR team is moving forward in June 2023 with building the farmhouse that will one day provide a gathering place to accommodate guests.

Come back to see updates on the progress of the construction and see how God is leading the way.


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