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Are My Contributions Tax Deductible?

3 Strands Ranch & Retreat is a faith-based organization. We rely solely upon the Lord to move in the hearts of individuals, groups, churches, and other organizations to contribute the funds necessary to carry out our ministry to restore and renew couples and families. Contributions to our organization are tax deductible in accordance with our IRS status as a 501(c)(3) charitable, non-profit organization. Our EIN is 87-2104875.


How Is 3 Strands Ranch & Retreat Funded?

3 Strands Ranch & Retreat is primarily funded through the regular, faithful giving of individuals and churches. Additional support comes through grants and through the personal investment of the founders and the board of directors.


Where Is My Financial Support Most Needed?

Currently all donations go into a General Fund as our organization is in the planning and development stages for building the facilities and developing the property from the ground up for the families God will bring to 3 Strands Ranch & Retreat for us to serve. We own the land in Lakeside, MT and are working with other businesses and organizations to finalize the plans to build out the ranch and retreat in the years to come. The ability for us to accomplish all of this is completely dependent on the giving of others who feel led to support God’s vision that was placed on our hearts.


Can I Designate Funds?

Designated Fund Accounts are in the future plan of 3 Strands Ranch & Retreat. Until these different funds are setup we will be putting every dollar donated towards the startup operations and building/development of the facilities and grounds that will be used to support the renewing and restoring of marriages.


Can I Donate Via Mail Or Phone?

Yes! You can send a check via mail to P.O. Box 428, Lakeside, MT 59922. We are working on a way to donate via phone and will post the information on our website when we have it available.


Are There Other Ways To Give To 3 Strands?

First of all, thank you for being willing to support God’s mission and vision for healed and restored marriages and families! If you’re interested in special gifts such as the transfer of Stock and Mutual Funds, Real Estate, Life Insurance, Gift Annuities and/or Wills/Estates, please get in touch with us through our contact form and we will be in touch shortly!


Will I Receive A Statement Of My Giving?

Yes. We will send year-end statements to all of our donors for tax purposes. If you’d like to receive monthly or quarterly statements instead, please contact us here through our contact form and we can fill your request.

If you would like to discuss a donation or have questions that are not answered on our Donations FAQs page, please contact the 3SRR team at

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