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A God-Given Dream

Dave and Jackie Follmuth met in 2005 in Summerville, SC while they were both serving in the military.  Six months later, Dave proposed to Jackie on a hike near Chimney Rock, NC and in August 2006, they were married at the Ft. Snelling Chapel in St. Paul, Minnesota. While stationed in Grand Forks, ND they started their family and raised their first two children.


In 2013, the military sent them to Seattle, WA, where they adopted their two youngest children. Eventually, Dave retired as a First Sergeant from the military in 2018 and then joined the Seattle Fire Department. In that time, Jackie had separated from the military in 2006 and began working as a DoD contractor and Program Manager until God laid it heavily on her heart to become a stay-at-home mom and homeschool their children.


Early on in their marriage, God placed the vision of 3 Strands Ranch & Retreat on Dave and Jackie's hearts. He has continued to refine that vision and in May 2021, God blessed them with the ability to acquire perfect acreage in Lakeside, MT. 


In the Fall 2021, the Follmuths moved to Lakeside, MT and began living in their 32-foot camper. God was truly rearranging their lives when Jackie was offered a Project Management position and together decided that Dave would take on the homeschooling duties along with the land preparations at the 3SRR property. A year later, they moved on from the RV lifestyle and into a small downtown home while they continue to seek the Lord for His guidance and provisions for 3SRR. They have been able to complete most of the ground-breaking projects on the property thanks to the gracious giving and partnerships that has been received and the provisions that God continues to provide.

Wooden Surface

"Love the LORD your God with all of your heart and with all of your soul and with all of your strength."  Deuteronomy 6:5

Follmuths 2021 -2973.jpg


Dave grew up farming in Minnesota and Iowa. He is a farmer at heart. As a teen, he played football and baseball in high school and played one semester of football in college before deciding to enlist in the military. Dave served in the US Air Force from 1998 until 2018, when he retired. In 2019, he became a firefighter for the Seattle Fire Department. That same year, he began training for and competing in Spartan races and half-marathons. Dave has a heart for ministries that focus on building up other men, families, and marriages.

Follmuths 2021 -3080.jpg


AGE: 15 years old


Madi loves to create stories and direct plays with her siblings and friends. She is an author and writes young adult books for fun. She published her first book titled "The Dog Who Wasn't" in 2021 and then wrote "The Road To Theodore Roosevelt" in 2022. Both of these paperback books can be purchased from Madi also enjoys creating pictures using diamond dots, putting puzzles together, riding horses and performing in dance. In the upcoming year, she will be learning how to drive a car which she is excited for.

Madi 2022.jpg
Zak 2022.jpg


AGE: 10 years old


Zak loves to play soccer in the community and will surprise you with how spicy he likes his food and soups to be. He looks up to his big brother, Nick, and together they entertain themselves for hours with Lego master building, nerf gun wars and video games. Zak also has an artistic and creative side to him and loves to read about and talk about Star Wars.   


Jackie enjoys teaching and learning alongside all of her children. She can be very competitive, yet fun, when it comes to playing board and card games with loved ones. As a former fitness coach, staying active is important to her. She loves hiking and snowshoeing, as well as taking road trips with family. Jackie has a heart for ministries that focus on serving children, families, and marriages. 

Follmuths 2021 -3048.jpg


AGE: 13 years old

Nick enjoys master building Lego creations with his brother, Zak and playing board games with his family.  He plays soccer in his community and loves the challenge of math problems and solving brain games. Lately, he has been spending a lot of his time helping his dad out on the property to prepare the land, while learning how to operate the tractor too. Most of all, Nick has a heart of gold and loves taking care of his siblings by giving them rides on the 4-wheeler and creating games for them to play.

Nick 2022.jpg


AGE: 8 years old


Ellie has an abundance of energy and joy that exudes from her heart, mind and soul! She is all girl and dances to her own beat. She loves to be a part of what’s going on and makes friends everywhere she goes. Ellie is always ready for a hug, sings and dances to her heart's content, and enjoys telling jokes and stories to win your heart. She is growing out her hair like Rapunzel's from "Tangled".

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